Quality – Satisfaction – Trust

Pulat Insulation and Construction has started in 2008, backed by Hüseyin Pulat’s 12 years of sales experience. With its high stock volume and wide product range, the company achieved fast growth in the insulating material sector. The company, which has become a significant component of the sector both in Turkey and around the world, has expanded its target audience thanks to the cooperation of Flexiva and Armacell.

As a result of its sales experience in the sector, Pulat Insulation and Construction stands out as a company that recognizes customer demands and expectations and determines the ideal supply source accordingly. Along with selling products of global high-quality standards at reasonable prices, the company guarantees customer satisfaction by delivering on time.

Yet, this is not the only reason why Pulat Insulation and Construction raises satisfaction in its sector. The company places importance on establishing solid relationships with the customers and centers honest and reliable communication to achieve this goal.

The company, which offers products produced in facilities that respect people and the environment, provides a service manner beyond expectations and gains more strength with its experienced staff.

Why Pulat Insulation?